CIFA specialises in equity investments, and does not provide commercial loans. Typically investments will range in size between US$5 million and US$50 million in companies with an operating history, although we may invest in greenfield ventures where there is an experienced operating partner and significant asset acquisition is anticipated.

In evaluating and selecting investment opportunities,
the Actis/Cordiant team looks for:

  • Established companies with well-defined business objectives and clearly developed marketing plans
  • An astute management team with solid experience, a precise vision, an entrepreneurial spirit, a socially responsible outlook, and a substantial equity stake in the long-term success of the project.
  • Market leadership or competitive edge
  • A supportive regulatory and political environment
  • Solid net earnings and significant revenue growth opportunities
  • Protected technology or unique capabilities
  • Good governance and financial transparency
  • Representation for the fund on the board of directors of the project company or its equivalent

The Fund's investment period ended on December 31, 2008. and, therefore, the Fund is no longer looking at new investment opportunities.